Maui Bike Trails

Maui Bike Trails: Exploring The Aloha State On Two Wheels

Maui is the perfect place to explore on two wheels! With its stunning waterfalls, rugged mountain trails and picturesque beaches, there are plenty of options when it comes to riding a bike around the Aloha State. From easy rides along coastal roads to longer, more exciting rides on off-road trails through some of Maui’s most beautiful countryside, these Maui bike trails offer something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for an easy beach ride or a challenging mountain trail, there are plenty of cycling routes all over the island. The Waianapanapa State Park Trail is a popular option for those seeking an easier route, offering stunning views of Pailoa Bay and a relatively flat coastal ride that’s great for beginners. For more adventurous riders, there are several off-road trails in Haleakala National Park such as Hosmer’s Grove Trail that promise more technical terrain and spectacular hairpin turns. Up one side and down another – it’s not hard to find yourself immersed in remote lava fields or rainforest hikes while enjoying some of Maui’s best bike trails.

For those who want an extended honeymoon stay (or just need some serious R&R), testing out the old school downhill tracks at Kula Forest Reserve will give you something to talk about. This epic trail offers 10 miles of single track downhill with hairpin swings around every corner featured with incredible scenery! And let’s not forget about the iconic Road To Hana – biking this winding road offers breathtaking views of lush rainforests and waterfalls as you go from one side of the island to the other. If you’re after some serious adventure then stop by Juice Bar Bikes in Paia for a rental before heading out on your tour – they have everything from hybrid bikes to full suspension mountain bikes ready for adventures big and small!


Maui Bike Trails

Maui County is located in the Central Pacific and comprises four islands: Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe. It has a population of 154,834 people as of 2019 and an area of 2,068 square miles. The island of Maui is the second largest Hawaiian Island with 729 square miles. Known for its stunning landscape, Maui offers a wide variety of activities for active travelers. One popular activity for outdoor enthusiasts is biking around the island’s trails.

Bicycling has become increasingly popular in recent years on Maui due to its plentiful bike paths, allowing cyclists to take in the breathtaking views while enjoying a leisurely ride through nature or challenge themselves while climbing up challenging hills or trail routes. While most often thought of as a road biking destination due to the climate and lack of traffic compared to other areas in Hawaii, there are many different styles of trails available for mountain bikers as well.

Trails range from beginner-level single tracks with modest elevation gain to advanced multi-day rides that boast some of the most dramatic terrain in the state. Some notable routes include Haleakala National Park’s Sliding Sands Trail or Kahekili Highway loop near Kapalua Resort on northwest coast of Maui as it provides an extensive view over many remote coastline beaches. Additionally, Honolua Bay is known for its steep downhill junctions which provide an enjoyable but technical ride experience.

Types Of Terrain & Trails

From scenic coastal roads to challenging mountain trails, the terrain of Maui offers something for everyone interested in exploring the Aloha State on two wheels. Whether you’re an experienced mountain biker or someone just starting out, Maui has something for everyone. With nearly 40 miles of trail surfaces and different difficulty levels, there is sure to be a tour that fits your preferences perfectly!

Popular trails range from wide-open spaces along the coast to exhilarating twists and turns through lush forests. Along these paths, cyclists can experience incredible views of Haleakala Crater and Makawao Forest while descending across slopes that reach elevations over 6,000 feet. Other routes take riders through breathtaking bamboo forests, meandering bridges across streams, and long winding tunnels on old railroads.

In addition to mountain biking trails, cyclists also have access to exciting activities like sand-boarding and boogie-boarding on serene ocean shores. For those looking for a slower pace as they explore Maui’s beautiful natural surroundings, there are numerous well-groomed walking paths around the island – perfect for leisurely bike rides with friends and family!

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most popular types of biking on Maui. With expansive, lush terrain, there’s something for everyone, from beginner to experienced bikers alike. Popular trails include the Makawao Forest Reserve and Waianapanapa State Park which provide stunning views amidst challenging climbs and descents. Both trails are tailored to beginner or intermediate riders but can be made more difficult with additional uphill rides.

Other well-loved trails include Olinda Forest Reserve and Haleakala National Park––both offering a great mix of technical single-track and fire roads through vast mountainous terrain. For those looking for more extreme conditions, Poli’au Path also exists off East Maui which includes treacherous singletrack!

Road Biking Trails

Road biking trails in Maui offer numerous opportunities for cyclists of all experience levels. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride along the coast or an intense climb up one of Maui’s many mountain passes, road biking offers something for everyone.

More experienced riders may want to take on famously challenging trails such as Hana Highway or Haleakala. Hana Highway is perfect for riders interested in taking a scenic route past Ke’anae Peninsula and other historical landmarks. Haleakala is the tallest pass on Maui and traverses through some of the most stunning landscapes in the state with relentless uphill climbs that reward you with breathtaking views of nearby valleys and coasts.

For those interested in a less strenuous ride, there are many flat routes throughout the island, such as Kula Highway or Maui’s low plain roads connecting Kahului airport to Lahaina town. All these routes will provide you with an unforgettable ride (except maybe Kula highway — it can get pretty boring) amidst awe-inspiring landscapes and panoramic views!

Beachfront Cycling Routes

Often considered some of the most picturesque biking trails in all of Hawaii, beachfront cycling routes provide an excellent opportunity to spend some time outdoors and experience stunning views. You’ll find a variety of options available, ranging from flat gracefully winding roads along the coastline to steep inclines with breathtaking panoramas at the top. Some of the most popular coastal trails include the Makena Coast Trail on Maui’s south shore, the Hana Highway Trail, and occasionally you’ll be able to find trails that route along lesser-known beaches for a more peaceful experience. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings when biking through here and mind any notices regarding slippery terrain or other hazards from local authorities.

Scenic Rides

Maui is the perfect destination for exploring gorgeous landscapes and immersing yourself in breathtaking natural beauty. With its dense jungles, lush green valleys, and sweeping coastlines, a bike ride through the Aloha State can be an unforgettable experience. Maui Bike trails offer hikers, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts a unique way to explore the island’s many wonders.

Many of these trails are well marked and have plenty of scenic overlooks that allow riders to take in all the beauty of Molokini Crater, Haleakala National Park and the West Maui Mountains.

If you’re looking for a more leisurely ride then there are some stunning scenic rides that hug the coastlines along Hana Highway or follow riders through Upcountry around Kula and Makawao townships. Scenic routes provide breathtaking views of beaches, bays, waterfalls and rainforests along your journey. These trails are great ways to explore the island beyond just sightseeing from a car window without straining too hard on strenuous hikes or mountain biking routes.

Top Mountain Bike Trails in Maui County

Mountain Bike Trails in Maui County
Mountain Bike Trails with kids in Maui County

Maui County is a stunningly beautiful place to explore on two wheels! Boasting a number of well-maintained mountain bike trails, Maui has something for every level of rider. From the beginner looking for an easy ride to the more experienced biker looking for a challenge, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best mountain bike trails in Maui County that are sure to make your cycling experience an unforgettable one.

The Kula Forest Reserve is an excellent destination for cyclists looking for an easy trail with plenty of scenic views of incredible nature. There are multiple options to choose from depending on how long you would like your ride to be and how much uphill pedaling you want. One of the most popular routes is the 5 mile Waipoli Loop; it winds through lush forest, passes several waterfalls and overlooks stunning vistas of ocean and other tropical scenery.

For those who are seeking more technical terrain, Makawao Forest Reserves offer thrilling single track trails with rocky drops and steep sections throughout various levels of difficulty. The lower Pineapple Express trail has many fun switchbacks and incredible tree-top views while being relatively easy to navigate without any major obstacles or speed traps along its 13 mile route. For something steeper and more technical, head up to Upper Polipoli Park Trail which features long downhill runs, drops and advanced rock gardens along a 16 mile stretch.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, Maui County has something just right for every level mountain biker! With such great riding potential available here all year round, it’s no wonder so many visitors flock here from all over the world each year!

West Maui Loop – Spectacular Ocean Views & Skills Areas

West Maui Loop
The West Maui Loop and a hundred pictures of happy visitors

The West Maui Loop is an enjoyable and challenging ride for the advanced cyclist looking for a great workout. With its spectacular ocean views, it’s an optimal ride to enjoy the beauty of Maui County. This adventurous trail passes multiple skills areas, showcasing jumps, tight corners and runups with fast descents as well as miles of climbing that can make you work up a sweat!

Along the way, riders will also find switchbacks necessitating tight navigation skills. The route totals about 25 miles and has minimum grade around 4%. If you’re looking for one of the most spectacular MTB trails in all of the Aloha State, you’ll want to make sure to check out West Maui Loop!

Paia Town Loop – Explore Fishing Village of Kahakuloa & Waipoli Road

The Paia Town Loop is a popular mountain biking trail located in Maui County, Hawaii. It provides cyclists with incredible views of both the lush jungles and beautiful coastline that the Aloha State has to offer. This scenic route begins in the quaint fishing village of Kahakuloa and follows Waipoli Road until it reaches the town of Paia. Along the way riders will pass through several unique ecosystems, such as rainforests, meadows, and open landscape savannahs.

Bikers can stop off along the way for picturesque views of the stunning Pacific Ocean or to explore one of many local beaches. The trail is approximately 15 miles long and takes around three hours to complete, providing a perfect day out for experienced bikers looking for an adventure-filled ride through one of Hawaii’s most beautiful locations.

Bike Parks & Trails For Families with Kids

Mountain Biking Maui With Kids
Mountain Biking Maui With Kids

The island of Maui is a great place to explore by bike. There are several excellent family-friendly bike trails, parks and paths that provide an abundance of activities for visitors to enjoy. All skill levels can find something that suits their needs. Whether you’re looking for an easy cruise on a paved path or an adrenaline-filled downhill trail, there is something for everyone.

One popular family-friendly route is the Hoʻolawa Rd bike path in Makawao, offering a 4.2-mile (6.8 km) round trip ride with great views of the north shore coastline and the majestic Haleakalā volcano. The easy grade and wide surface make it perfect for kids or beginners who want to practice their skills on two wheels.

Further west in Kaanapali, the ‘Āhihi Kīnaʻu Natural Reserve provides a stunning landscape for off-road riders and explorers alike. With three different loops to choose from, the area has options suitable for all levels of experience. Adventurers can check out tide pools and sea caves as they make their way over sand dunes and lava rocks, while taking in spectacular ocean views along the way.

These are just two examples of the many incredible trails available on Maui; indeed, every corner of this tropical paradise offers opportunities to explore new terrain on two wheels!

Kanaha Beach Park – A Great Starting Point for All Skill Levels

Kanaha Beach Park is an excellent place to start your Maui biking adventure. The park offers a variety of trails and terrain, from smooth, flat paths that are great for beginners to rugged terrain for more experienced riders. It’s also close to the airport, making it a convenient spot for travelers looking for a quick ride. There’s plenty of parking in the area and you can even rent bikes so you don’t need to bring your own. Plus, the views of the ocean are incredible as you make your way around the park!

Hana Highway – Tight Turns, Paved Paths, & Downhill Bike Ride Options

Road to Hana Romantic Activities for Couples
Road to Hana Romantic Activities for Couples

The Hana Highway is one of the most popular mountain bike trails in Maui County. It offers riders tight turns along its scenic and challenging 58-mile path. The Hana Highway meanders through lush rainforests and provides stunning views of waterfalls, beautiful coastal beaches, and cascading ravines. Riders will also experience diverse terrain ranging from paved to gravel paths, as well as more technical segments such as single-track dirt paths.

For more experienced mountain bike riders looking for a thrilling downhill ride, the trail’s elevation changes provide an exciting ride down the lower slopes of Haleakala volcano. There are plenty of conveniently placed rest stops at various points along the route to enjoy local treats or take pictures of breathtaking sights. With its beautiful terrain, highly varied ride options and convenient amenities, it’s no wonder that the Hana Highway is considered one of Maui County’s best mountain bike trails!

Maui North Shore Greenway Trail – Cycle Along the Coastline with Sea Level Routes

Maui North Shore Greenway Trail
Maui North Shore Greenway Trail

The Maui North Shore Greenway Trail is an unmissable cycling experience for mountain bikers, with stunning coastal views and sea-level trails along the way. This multi-use pathway runs for 11 miles from Paia to Kapalua and features some of the most scenic routes on the island. The off-road trail is well-marked and filled with a wide variety of terrain, from winding pathways with easy climbs, to exposed ridges and steep hills.

As you make your way through the picturesque landscapes, keep an eye out for local wildlife such as whales, dolphins, wild boars and mongoose. There are plenty of rest stops available with picnic tables, benches, bathrooms and even a playground for young children. When you’re finished exploring this beautiful trail, take time to relax on one of the many pristine beaches located just off the path. Be sure to pack lots of water since there won’t be any refilling points along the way!

Best Way to Rent a Bike In Maui

Exploring Maui by bike is one of the best ways to experience its natural beauty. There are a variety of trails available for all skill levels, from easy scenic excursions to more challenging courses.

No matter what your biking preference, there are plenty of rental shops on Maui offering bike rentals for both mountain and road biking. Whether you prefer road bikes, electric bicycles, or even fat tire cruisers, you can find different types of bikes in varying sizes and styles to suit your needs.

At many shops throughout the island, you can rent bikes daily or weekly and have access to knowledgeable staff who will guide you in making the right selection. Most stores also offer a range of extras such as helmets, locks, and bags so that you don’t have to worry about bringing any extra gear along with you while on the trail. Other services include providing route recommendations and helping plan cycling tours so that riders can make the most of their time outdoors.

Once you’re stocked up on supplies it’s time to get out there and explore! With over 400 miles of approved roads for cycling in Maui county alone, choosing just one trail can be overwhelming – so make sure to take advantage of local knowledge from rental store staff and park rangers when planning your rides. This way you’ll be able to find trails that suit your level; from leisurely beachside paths with breathtaking ocean views for beginner cyclists all the way up to remote mountain climbs for those with lots of endurance! So grab a bike and hit the trails – exploring nature on two wheels is without doubt one of the best ways explore Hawaii like a local!

West Maui Cycles

For those wishing to explore Maui by bike, West Maui Cycles is a great option. As one of the premier bicycle rental companies in Maui, they offer a selection of top-of-the-line bikes and accessories at reasonable rates. The staff are all avid cyclists and are more than happy to provide advice on the best rides and trails, as well as helpful information regarding safety; such as what type of gear is needed, where to park and how to ensure that one’s bike is safely locked up when not in use. Furthermore, they also provide complimentary pickup and delivery services for customers who are staying in accommodations close to their locations – making it even easier for adventurous visitors to explore Maui on two wheels.

The bicycle rentals range from beach cruiser bikes perfect for leisurely rides around Lahaina town or Kaanapali beaches, to mountain bikes with 27-speed shifters that can conquer the island’s rugged terrain with ease. They also offer hybrid electric bicycles from well-known brands such as Shimano Step Suite; allowing bikers the convenience of powering up hills (or taking a break!) with assistance from an onboard battery motor. Within this selection, there’s truly something for every kind of rider – from beginner adventurers looking for casual rides along concession roadsides and lava fields, to experienced thrill seekers seeking out jumps and stunts!

Other great benefits offered by West Maui Cyles include convenient 24-hour roadside assistance; so if any kind of technical issue arises during your trip you’ll be able to get help quickly. Not only that but they also provide discounts for groups and extended period rentals, helping save money when organizing larger family outings or longer trips. With a range of optional upgrades available too – such as kid seats, safety helmets and locks – it’s easy to see why West Maui Cycles is many people’s preferred choice when hiring bicycles on the island. So whatever type of ride you’re looking for; West Maui Cycles have it covered!

Krank Cycles Maui

Krank Cycles Maui is one of the best places for bike rentals in Maui. With a wide selection of quality bikes, knowledgeable staff and quick and easy rental process, they make it easy to get out on two wheels. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist looking to explore the challenging terrain of Haleakala National Park or a first-time rider wanting to take a leisurely cruise along the shoreline of Kaanapali Beach, Krank has the perfect bike for every rider.

Their extensive fleet includes mountain, hybrid, beach cruisers, electric and tandem bikes in sizes from kid-specific to extra large frames. All bikes come fully equipped with helmets and locks as well as maps outlining some of Maui’s most impressive trails. Speaking of trails — Maui is considered one of the top spots for cyclists in Hawaii due to its variety of scenic routes.

Beginner riders can start their excursion at the paved cycle path along Kahului Harbor before heading upcountry through roadside small farms and rolling hills that lead into Maalaea Bay where humpback whales generally congregate during winter months. Advanced cyclists should tackle Haleakala National Park’s 63 miles of rugged terrain comprising lava rock fields, forested areas and single track long forgotten by locals who hike from summit to sea.

Maui Sunriders

Maui Sunriders offers world-class bike rentals and Tours in Maui, Hawaii. Their variety of rental options includes mountain bikes, electric bicycles, and all varieties of tandem (two person) bikes. If you’re looking for a fun way to explore the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui then renting a bike is an excellent option. Not only is it great for getting around, but it also allows for some epic views along the different trails located around the island.

Maui Sunriders offers rentals from top brands such as Trek and Specialized, guaranteeing that their fleet of rentals are all high-quality, reliable vehicles. Riders can take advantage of pick-up/drop-off locations or opt for free delivery and pickup services if they’re staying in Kihei or Wailea area hotels. They also offer great packages that can save money for larger groups such as families or buddies who are visiting together. Depending on the type of bike being rented and the length of rental period, visitors may also qualify for discounts. All riders must sign a rental agreement to ensure their safety while participating in any activities such as biking on Maui’s trails and beach roads.

For those who wish to explore further into the adventure, Maui Sunriders also offers various guided tours with experienced tour guides that provide safe routes to popular tourist attractions or local landmarks such as Iao Valley or Haleakala Mountain Crater . These tours give guests detailed information about local history and culture, providing an interactive experience with Maui’s vibrant environment – perfect for anyone looking to treat themselves to something special during their stay in Hawaii!

Road Bike Rentals from Maui Cyclery

Maui Cyclery is a renowned and highly-rated bike rental shop in the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. They specialize in road biking and have an impressive selection of high-quality bikes that are perfectly suited for exploring the stunning trails and roads around the island.

The team at Maui Cyclery is incredibly knowledgeable about the landscape of Maui, so they can provide riders with valuable advice to ensure that their experience is both safe and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for guidance on where to find hidden gems or seeking tips on how to prepare for your adventure, this bike rental shop has you covered. You can even rent clothing, helmets and other accessories from them if you don’t have all the necessary gear with you. All rentals come with a detailed map and trail guide, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost out there!

Whatever your level of skill or experience may be, Maui Cyclery has everything you need to embark on an unforgettable cycling adventure in Maui. With expertly-maintained bikes and top-notch customer service, this bike rental shop truly sets itself apart from its competitors. Plus, they offer unbeatable rates — often significantly lower than those offered by larger retailers — so you don’t have to break the bank in order to enjoy an incredible day outside. So if you’re planning a trip to Maui any time soon, it’s definitely worth stopping by Maui Cyclery before setting off into the wild!

Safety Tips for Biking in Maui

Biking around Maui can be an exciting way to explore the Hawaiin Aloha state. Whether you are a new or veteran biker, it is important to keep safety in mind when riding. Here are some tips for staying safe while biking in Maui:

1. Wear the right gear – Protective eyewear and defensive pads are vital pieces of equipment when cycling on open roads. Additionally, it is recommended to wear light clothing with reflective strips to increase visibility at night. Remember, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when out exploring on two wheels!

2. Keep your bike properly maintained – Inspecting a bike before riding is a must for ensuring safety. Make sure brake lines are functioning correctly and tire pressure is correct, as wobbling and flat tires can lead to potential harm.

3. Be aware of your surroundings – It’s easy to get distracted or have tunnel vision while out enjoying the sights Maui has to offer but make sure to always be aware of what’s ahead of you both on and off the road. If possible, try familiarizing yourself with the roads and paths you plan on travelling through so that you’re aware of any potential hazards like potholes or tight corners which may come up along your course.

4. Learn hand signals – Cyling around other bikers or other vehicles? Make sure you know how to properly signal your movements using hand gestures so that everyone around is kept in-the-know with where you’re going next. This will help ensure that all users stay safe while out exploring Maui together!

5. Bring a Map or GPS Device With You On Your Adventures – This can help you plan and navigate your route, especially if you are planning on traveling a long distance. A map will also help you figure out the best routes for safety and scenery. Knowing where local roads travel, trails exist and any potential danger points in advance can be extremely helpful in avoiding accidents and other dangers while biking on the island. Additionally, using a map or GPS device, you will be able to locate scenic locations off the beaten path that you might not have otherwise been able to find if traveling without one.

Haleakala National Park & Haleakala Volcano

Haleakala National Park & Haleakala Volcano
Haleakala National Park & Haleakala Volcano

One famous trail that offers cyclists stunning views and an adventurous ride is the stunning Haleakala National Park, located at the summit of Haleakala volcano. This trail has a half day ascent and gives cyclists beautiful views of the surrounding countryside as they make their way up. With over 6 roads leading to one summit, riders will get to enjoy a range of experience levels, from beginner friendly wide paths to more challenging narrow single trails.

At the summit, cyclists will be treated with expansive views of Maui’s surrounding islands and can take in some picture perfect sunsets that make all the effort worthwhile. There are also plenty of rest spots along the way for those who need a break during their trek. With its beautiful scenery, numerous trails ranging from easy to difficult, and breathtaking vistas, Haleakala National Park & The Summit Of Haleakala Volcano is definitely worth exploring on two wheels.

Exploring the beautiful and lush terrain of Maui on two wheels is a great way to experience the ‘Aloha State’; and there are several amazing bike trails throughout Maui that offer up breathtaking juxtapositions between nature and culture. One of the most popular biking trails leads up to the summit of Haleakala Volcano, where visitors can ride for as long as 10 miles and pass through a remarkable variety of vegetation, from rainforest to high alpine desert.

The conditions on this trail remain optimal due to regular maintenance programs that ensure hazards like washed-out trails, broken pavement, and other natural divots are cleared away each year. On clear days, bikers can ascend over 6,000 feet above sea level to take in gorgeous views of Haleakala National Park while reminiscing on their amazing journey.

Local Biking Festivals & Events

Maui is a beautiful and diverse island, ideal for biking. There are many incredible bike trails throughout the island allowing cyclists to explore its amazing forests, beaches, and valleys. Biking in Maui offers the opportunity to witness the beauty of nature up close while also taking in breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. For those looking to truly experience “aloha” come during one of several local festivals or events related to biking.

The annual Maui Mountain Bike Festival is one event worth checking out. Every April, mountain bikers from around the world gather on Maui’s north shore for this festival dedicated to fat tire bikes. From family-friendly events like a mini bike festival for kids to workshops and competitions for experienced mountain bikers, the MMF has it all.

For other great biking-related activities, consider participating in Maui Cyclefest or The MounTAINBAIKI Path Tours by Island Sports & Fitness Adventures (ISFA). Cycling enthusiasts can join ISFA as they tour some of Maui’s most remote trails surrounded by lush greenery and rugged terrain. Through these tours and other activities organized by locals or travelers alike, people make lasting memories that will stay with them long after their trip home.

Whether you live on Maui or are just visiting, these local festivals and events are opportunities not to be missed gone certainly provides a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else! With so many incredible cycling options available on this tropical paradise, you can enjoy an unforgettable biking adventure unlike any other.

Bottom line

Maui is a paradise for outdoor lovers, and biking in the Aloha state is no exception. With its lush foliage, stunning beaches, and majestic mountains, Maui has something to offer everyone. Whether you choose to explore the island by road or mountain bike, there are plenty of beautiful trails to explore on two wheels.

The most popular bike trails to traverse Maui on include the famed Road to Hana route, Haleakala National Park’s Sliding Sands Trail, and the Puerto Power surf spot near Kahului Bay. The Road to Hana route is a famously scenic drive featuring winding roads through tropical rainforest. During this tour riders will get a glimpse into some of Hawaii’s most ecologically diverse grounds and come across multiple waterfalls along the way.

For those looking for an off-road adventure experience, the Sliding Sands Trail features 11 miles of rugged canyon walls that are braved on two wheels from start to finish. This trail has visitors exploring awe-inspiring terrain with several streams for riders to cross or take a cool dip in along the way. For strong cyclists looking for an additional challenge, an extended version of this route takes riders all 27 miles through Haleakalā Crater’s lunar landscape before eventually ending at Hosmer Grove Campground within Haleakala National Park.

For surfers with powerful stamina out there looking for a thrill experience like no other, they may want to go after Puerto Power Surf Spot just outside of Kahului Bay which is not suited for beginners due its crashing waves perfect only for experienced big wave riders capable of making daring turns against them at the right timing.

No matter what type of biker you are – beginner or expert – be sure you bring your own water bottle as hydration is key throughout your ride! Otherwise take advantage of exploring Hawaii’s natural beauty on two wheels as you traverse unforgettable landscapes while tackling unique challenges each Maui bike trail presents!