Omni Bedford Springs Resort

11 Wonderful Natural Springs in Pennsylvania

It is well knowledge that natural springs provide natural curative properties. The scented steam combined with the heated waters of these outdoor pools can provide instant relaxation, allowing you to de-stress and heal skin diseases like eczema. The vast majority of these geothermal waters are utilized to create spas, which allow guests to experience the therapeutic benefits of hot mineral waters.

Pennsylvania is filled to the brim with natural springs that visitors may enjoy, and travelers looking for some of the best hot springs on the east coast need only drive a short distance to get them. We went all throughout Pennsylvania in search of the most beautiful and relaxing natural hot springs, and we found them for you!

Natural springs in Pennsylvania.

Because of the high concentration of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that it contains, water from natural springs offers a wealth of therapeutic benefits. These are the natural springs that are most deserving of your time and attention if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Omni Bedford Springs Resort
Omni Bedford Springs Resort –

Your stay at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort includes a visit to the natural hot springs. This exquisite spa and resort has a mammoth indoor pool with a stunning glacier effect that is sure to take your breath away. It gives the impression that you are in a frozen paradise due to the reflection of the white ceiling on the spring water that is found in the indoor pool.

Mineral water is incorporated into a number of the services that are provided at the spa, including facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures. Each and every treatment comes complete with a mineral bath routine that consists of either a hot or cold mineral water bath, a steam room, and a shower.

After you have had your fill of the luxurious amenities found inside this resort, make your way outside to the resort’s magnificent hiking trails. Along these trails, you will find eight mineral springs, including the Iron Spring, a natural spring that was once used to treat conditions that were caused by low iron levels, such as anemia.

If you have an interest in the past, the remainder of the hotel may likely appeal to you. The hotel has seen notable guests throughout the years, including former presidents like Ronald Reagan, who have left their mark. You can learn about the unusual history of the resort from a loop that plays on the television sets. This history includes the resort’s closure and subsequent renovation that was completed when it was purchased from Omni Hotels at a cost of millions of dollars. This tranquil refuge is ideal for a romantic getaway of any length, be it an afternoon or an entire weekend.

Frankfort Springs

Frankfort Mineral Springs Falls in Raccoon Creek
Frankfort Mineral Springs Falls in Raccoon Creek

Racoon Creek State Park is one of the largest state parks that Pennsylvania has to offer, and it is located in Beaver County in the southeastern part of the state. Take a hike through the paths to find the ruins of the historic Frankfurt House Hotel and Resort, which was a mineral springs resort in the past. It first opened its doors in the 1800s, but after struggling to remain operational as a business throughout World War II, it was ultimately forced to transform into a restaurant.

After that, in 1932, a fire forced the business to close its doors forever. The once-popular vacation spot has long since been reclaimed by mother nature.

If you continue along the trails for a little while more, you will come across some breathtaking natural spring pools, a waterfall, and some picture-perfect sandstone grotto formations that will make you gasp for air. The mile-long loop in Pennsylvania takes you through a breathtakingly beautiful and historically significant section of the state.

Boiling Springs

Boiling Springs
Boiling Springs

A charming village located just off the Appalachian Trail, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, is home to some of the region’s most scenic and challenging trails for hikers. Over thirty natural springs are interspersed along the trails. Even though they are not considered to be hot springs, these springs are commonly referred to as boiling springs. Instead, they got their name from the bubbly appearance that they make, similar to when something is boiling. They are really quite a stunning sight to take in!

Children’s Lake

When you are in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, don’t miss the opportunity to go visit Children’s Lake, which is a gigantic artificial lake into which gallons of water are pumped by thirty natural springs. These springs are responsible for contributing more than 20 million gallons of crystal clear water to the lake every single day. Feed the ducks or take your family on a relaxing boat trip while you take in the tranquility of the natural springs and their bubbling sounds.

Black Spring

Hidden away in Bedford Township, Pennsylvania is where you’ll find Black Spring. Because the water in certain parts of this spring is less than one foot deep, it is the ideal spot for the kids to take a refreshing dip on a warm day during the summer. Bring your fishing pole with you in case you want to catch some trout, or cross the short footbridge to access the hiking trails and take in the breathtaking views along the way.

Big Spring

One of the largest springs in this state can be found a little ways off the main route in the southern part of Pennsylvania. You will reach the stunning waterhole after a hike of about six miles. It has a sandy bottom that is white in color, and the waters that flow into it from the ground below are completely transparent.

It is important to note that Big Spring is not found inside the boundaries of a state park. On the other hand, this section of the hiking paths is considered to be on private property. Despite this, it appears that tourists continue to visit the natural springs in order to refresh themselves before making the six-mile trek back to their vehicles.

Mineral Springs Loop Trail

This route has a loop that is 1.3 miles long and is located close to Hookstown, Pennsylvania. As a result of its accessibility to hikers of varying skill levels and the fact that dogs are permitted to accompany their owners on the trails, the loop is among the most popular nature trails in the region. Because of the picturesque waterfalls and the charming creek, this location is ideal for having a picnic with your children.

Hot Springs Near Pennsylvania

Hot springs offer tremendous therapeutic benefits, and there are plenty of options for you to experience those benefits in the region surrounding Pennsylvania. Particularly well-known for their historical significance are the hot springs in Virginia. The local Native Americans are said to have frequented the area’s hot springs in order to relieve their aches and pains, according to local legends.

As Europeans began to make their homes in the region, they rapidly became aware of the remarkable curative qualities possessed by the water. Soon after their discovery, they started constructing lodges and bathhouses all around the warm pools of water in order to provide settlers with a comfortable environment in which to take advantage of the curative benefits of the water.

Since that time, people from all walks of life in the United States, including but not limited to former Presidents of the United States, have been to the region of Virginia to soak in the soothing waters of the region’s many natural hot springs, such as the Jefferson Pools. These springs are steeped in history and are renowned for their curative properties.

Berkeley Springs

The town of Berkeley Springs can be found in West Virginia, not far from the state line with Pennsylvania. It is well renowned for being the home of America’s first spa since it contains the first spa that was ever established in the country. This fact has contributed to its notoriety as the home of America’s first spa. The hot springs that may be found in Berkeley State Park serve as the primary element in a variety of therapies that are offered in nearby facilities.

Visit the Atasia Spa to indulge in a soothing massage performed by a trained massage therapist or unwind in one of the whirlpools that is filled with water sourced directly from the surrounding natural springs. The Eucalyptus Steam chamber is perfect for unwinding and getting rid of toxins.

Visit the Old Roman Bath House, which is located just a few minutes down the road, in order to enjoy a soothing sauna that offers the full-fledged hot springs experience. On one side of the bathhouse, specifically geared at female customers, there is a staff of female massage therapists. A number of walk-in bathtubs can be rented by the half-hour from the establishment. You will find a public tap right outside so that you can take some of the pure spring water back with you when you leave.

The distance from Pennsylvania to Berkeley Springs ensures that the trip will be well worth your time.

Valley and Ridge Region of the Commonwealth of Virginia

In Virginia’s past, the region’s salt springs played a significant role in the state’s economy. Long before humans began to settle in the region, the local fauna made use of the salt provided by the salt springs. Then, as people traveling through the area discovered the salt, they decided to live there so they could take advantage of the economic opportunities presented by the salt.

In addition to the fascinating salt springs that can be found in the region, this area is also home to a number of hot springs. You should go to the Jefferson Pools so that you can unwind in the hot springs while experiencing the calming and curative effects of the water. Because their temperatures remain consistently higher than those of surrounding pools, patrons flock to them in droves during the winter months.

In the early 1800s, it was common knowledge that Thomas Jefferson frequented these waters; hence, they came to be known as the Jefferson Pools. As a result of the waters’ curative properties, there are now hotels, resorts, and bathhouses developed in the area.

This location is without a doubt one of the East Coast’s most underrated treasures due to the fact that it has more than one hundred natural hot springs. This state beats above all others in terms of the number of hot springs it contains, yet it’s only a short trip away from Pennsylvania!

Bottom line

This state is home to some of the nation’s most breathtaking natural mineral springs, and they are all located in this one state. The water is heated to provide you with the sensation of soaking in a hot spring as well as the health benefits associated with drinking natural spring water. If you absolutely must have the hot spring experience, your best bet is to travel just outside of Pennsylvania to the neighboring states of Virginia and West Virginia, where you’ll find the best hot springs on the east coast.

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